1. Humans Use More than 10% of Their Brains

This happens to be a rather overused and believed misconception about the human brain. To put simply, human beings use much more than 10% of their brains at any given moment. There is no evidence to suggest otherwise and even though the brain remains a mystery, scientists do have reasons to believe why this wouldn’t be true. In regards to evolution, only using 10% of our brains would be a hindrance and wouldn’t allow us to survive as effectively.


2. The Brain is Mostly Water

That’s right. The man brain is made up mostly of water. On the same note, this is why people often feel dizzy, light headed, or can’t remember anything when they are dehydrated. They are sapping their brains of the nutrient that it requires the most.


3. Your Brain Produces Enough Energy to Illuminate a Light Bulb

Despite what a lot of people may believe, the human brain is capable of many great things. One thing in particular that it is capable of is illuminating a light bulb? But how can such a small body part be capable of something so powerful? As you may or may not know, the brain is comprised mostly of electrical impulses. This is what helps us think and act the way we do. If you were to harness those electrical impulses, you would discover that your brain consumes about 25 watts of power while you are awake.


4. The Human Brain Can Think Quicker Than a Computer

This is another thing that a lot of people have trouble believing. In raw data, our brains can compute 10 to the 13th and 10 to the 16th operations per second. This would be equal to more than one million times the people that there are on earth. In essence and in theory, the human brain is capable of solving and computing problems much quicker than a computer.


5. Reality is Totally Subjective to the Human Brain

Our brain likes to fool us. Basically, it likes to adapt to whatever mindsets you are currently holding about the world. It will find evidence to support your view of the world, even if that evidence isn’t really there. The mind does this all of the time and it is one way to ensure that we have control of our reality.

Source: Smashing Lists



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